Tawa-Glen Nursery

About Us

Tawa-Glen Nursery has been in operation since 1980. We are strictly wholesale only, and supply garden centres throughout New Zealand. No private sales will be looked at.

We started off growing mainly Rhododendrons and have gradually added Maples, Daphne, and other varieties to our list. We are finding that we are contract growing about 70% of our product and this works well for us and also for our customers. We know how many to grow and you know how many that you are getting. If you are finding it hard to secure plants then it may be well worth looking at this method.

We have put in our own propagation house which gives us full controll of supply. All of our deciduous production is in open ground, for which Taranaki is well known as having some of the best nurseries in the country. We have an area in capillary matting for the production of Rhododendrons, Deciduous Azaleas and Michalea which are growing extremely well with better flower set than we were getting in the open ground

We hope that you enjoy using this new catalogue and find the photographs a useful tool for both ordering and selling the plants. Please feel free to print off photos to use for helping sell plants purchased from us. To get better quality photos please feel free to ask for the original full sized images.

This catalogue needs to be used in conjunction with the computer generated printout which has plants available. Not all plants on his reference catalogue are available every year.

Ian Swan